We offer 1 Complimentary nomination to participate at International Travel Awards.

If you are interested to nominate more categories or nominate more such as your Spa, Your Restaurant or Your General Manager then you can upgrade your account to premium nomination plan.

Please have a look at the premium nomination plat inclusions and benefits at https://internationaltravelawards.org/app/premium-nomination-plan

The following can be nominated

For International Travel Awards

  • Hotelier
  • General Manager
  • Director
  • Sales Director
  • PR Director
  • Marketing Director
  • CEO 
  • Marketing Manager

Team Nomination 

  • HR Team
  • Marketing Team
  • Sales Team
  • Housekeeping Team
  • F & B Team
  • Reservations Team
  • PR Team
  • Spa Team
  • Management Team

For International Dining Awards :

  • Restaurant Owner
  • F&B Manager
  • Sales /Marketing Director
  • Chef
  • PR Director / PR Manager

International Spa & Beauty Awards 

  • Spa / Salon Owner
  • Spa / Salon Director
  • Spa / Salon Manager
  • Therapist / stylist / Beauticians 

When you nominate at International Travel Awards, You can compete in the competition at City Level, Country Level, Regional or Continent Level & World Level.

The complimentary nomination is applicable only for the Hotel /company or Spa or Restaurant.

If you wish to nominate your Hotel/company individuals such as General Manager, PR Director / PR Team / Marketing Team / Manager / Chef / Spa Director or Any other then you are required to upgrade your nomination to the premium nomination package.

Please refer the free & premium nominees package pricing and inclusions at https://internationaltravelawards.org/app/fee-cost-involved/

Free Plan : You can nominate in 1 category.

Premium Plan : You can nominate in 3 categories for each nominations.

You can change the category before the voting starts. Once our First Level Jury approves your nomination for voting, You cannot change award nomination category.

The company size does not matter  !!!!

The awards are NOT only for Big Guys !! We want to encourage and recognise each and every deserving company in the tourism industry.

We consider the Product Offering, Customer Reviews & various details during our Jury Evaluation. 

Yes. You can nominate multiple hotels/ companies / restaurants / spa under your (same login) account.

IMPORTANT :  You don't have to create a separate account for each nomination. You can manage all the nominations under one account.

Fee / Cost Involved

Participating at International Travel Awards is Free ( Excluding Tourism Boards, Attractions, Theme Parks)

We offer 1 Nomination on a complimentary basis

The following companies are eligible for the complimentary nominations.

  • Hotels / Resorts / Villas / Apartments / any other accommodation type
  • Travel Companies
  • DMCs / Tour Operators
  • Spa / Hotel Spa / Spa Chain or Beauty Salon for International Spa Awards
  • Restaurant / Hotel Restaurant / Restaurant Chain for International Dining Awards

If you wish to nominate more such as your General Manager, Restaurant, Spa, General Manager and company individual then you can upgrade your nomination plan to Premium plan.

You can find the inclusions & benefits of the Premium Nomination plan at https://internationaltravelawards.org/app/premium-nomination-plan

Winner package helps you to promote your winning and take your branding to the next level. We have designed a variety of winner packages with lots of promotional benefits. 

The Winner package includes the following

  • RIGHTS to use International Travel Awards Logo, Brand Name & Winner announcement to the public.
  • Winner Trophy
  • Winner Plaque
  • Winner Certificate - digital
  • Winner Badge - Digital
  • Website Listing Services & etc.

Please refer to the winner package details at  https://internationaltravelawards.org/app/winner-package/

The Premium Nominees receives the following Winner package on complimentary basis.

Silver & Gold Nomination Plan :  Digital package - Winner Certificate, Winner badge, Email badge

Diamond Nomination Plan : Digital Certificate - Winner Certificate, Winner badge, Email badge, 1 Trophy and 1 Medal.

Platinum Nomination Plan : Digital Certificate - Winner Certificate, Winner badge, Email badge, 1 Trophy, 1 Plaque and 1 Medal.

Important Note :

  • GBP 120 is applicable for the shipping of Trophy & Medal for Diamond & Platinum Nomination plans
  • If you become winner of more than 1 title then you will receive ONLY ONE item on complimentary basis ( 1 trophy, 1 medal or 1 plaque) as per the plan you have chosen. 
  • For additional title winning title, You may order a winner package with huge discounts upto 50%


The voting period is generally for 30 days.

You will be provided with a  Unique Voting Link / URL. This URL will be available in your award portal login / account.

You need to share this Voting URL /QR Code to clients ,partners, industry friends.

Yes, it is a Mandatory step in the winner selection process.

To encourage all our participants, We offer a points for every campaigns they do. You can refer the points for each voting activity you do at "Claim Points" section.

Yes, you can track all the votes received by logging in to your account.

To encourage every nominee, We offer voting points for each marketing /voting campaign they do.

You can claim the voting points just by submitting the screenshot / proof of your marketing activities.

you can claim Points for the below marketing activities.

  • Email Campaigns 
  • WhatsApp Status Message / Broadcast
  • Social Media Sharing ( FB / Instagram / Twitter & etc )
  • PR Submission
  • Placing Voting widget in your website
  • Placing voting banner in your email signatures
  • Facebook / Google Paid ads
  • and any other Unique & Legal way of promotions.

Please refer to the "Claim Points" section in your award portal login for more details.

Its very easy to claim points for your voting campaigns.

You just need to show some proof such as screenshot or URL of your campaign.

Please follow the below steps to claim your points
1). Click  "Claim Points"  on Header Link (top header).
2). You can see the Blue color Button "Claim Points". Click this Button.
3). Select Your Nomination Company ( Hotel / Restaurant / Spa),  Upload Screenshot of your campaign, Enter more details such as URL & Etc.  Thats All. Click "Submit"

Our team will take 3 to 5 working days to review the details and approve /reject your claim points.

PR or Press Release is one of the powerful online media. There are so many PR websites related to travel around the world. You can simply google "Travel PR websites" or "Tourism PR websites"

Some PR companies charge and some companies give free posting .

Here is a guideline to submit a PR :

Step 1 : Write 1 Page article about your nomination at the award program.
Step 2 : Mention the Award Program with Award website Link. For example, If you are nominated at International Travel Awards then mention https://internationaltravelawards.org website in the PR content.
Step 3 : Find the PR website and submit

Here are our tips 

1. Find the Travel News / Travel PR website in your country. You can search in google.
2. Approach them and send the best content. 
Note : If you content is good then many PR websites do not charge and they would love to publish.
3. Follow-up with them for making it  live.

IMPORTANT : Do not forget to link our award website. You will be eligible for the points only if you have mentioned the awards link in the PR.


We have a rigorous selection process to judge the winners in each category. Few of them are

  • First Level Jury Evaluation
  • Voting 
  • Final Jury Evaluation Process
  • Inspection (optional)

Please refer the judging criteria at https://internationaltravelawards.org/app/judging-criteria/

There is NO money involved during the judging process.

We strongly recommend every nominees, NOT to approach our team with any monetary benefits. 

If we found any company approaches with any monetary benefits to increase their winning chances to our team then we disqualify the nomination without any notice.


No. we do not share the jury name. Also to remind you that our judging process involves 2 to 3 rounds of evaluation and it is not just by 1 member in the jury panel.

We STRICTLY do not encourage any of our nominees to speak to our judging panel with regards to the nomination.

Yes. If you have more than 15 years of experience in the Tourism and Travel industry then you can apply for our jury team. Our team will review your application and advise you with further process.

After Winning

We have customised different types of winner packages which suits for every winner. Please refer the winner package pricing & inclusions at https://internationaltravelawards.org/app/award-package-kit
After purchasing the winner package, You are free to announce your winning to the entire world.
Please refer the winner package details athttps://internationaltravelawards.org/app/award-package-kit

No. Winners are NOT allowed to use International Travel Awards Logo, Brand Name or any materials related to International Travel Awards until they order a Winner package.

Rights to use International Travel Awards Logo, Name, Website or any other materials related to award program is a part of the Winner Package. You are free to use all the materials once you order the winner package.

Our Legal & compliance Team regularly checks our Winner's Website, Social Media Pages & Marketing related materials for the misuse of brand name. 

You will enjoy the following benefits by ordering a winner package

  • RIGHTS TO USE International Travel Awards Logo, Brand Name. Use it in all your promotional Materials
  • Complimentary Nomination for the next Year.
  • Complimentary Nomination for your hotel/company individuals (GM / Managers / Directors & etc)
  • List your Company / Hotel in our Awards Portal
  • Booking Option at our Awards Portal 
  • Your Social Media will be Linked at our Awards portal
  • and few more benefits.

You do not have the RIGHTS to change or modify or create any winner badge using our Name, logo and Brand .

Most of our winners prefer the Diamond Package since it has exclusive marketing and branding benefits along with attractive winner materials.The price is also discounted.

Yes. All our winner packages are inclusive of the RIGHTS TO USE International Travel awards Logo, Brand Name.
Even if you order any individual Winner package such as Winner Certificate, Winner Badge & etc.., then you get the RIGHTS TO USE our Award logo and brand name.
Please refer the winner package details at https://internationaltravelawards.org/app/award-package-kit
We highly recommend our winners to order a winner package since it comes with loads of benefits.

incase if you do not order a winner package once you become one of the winner, All our jury team effort goes waste and Also the company who stands in your next position also lose their winning opportunity.

Considering all these, If you do not order the winner package, You may lose the following benefits.
1). Complimentary nomination benefits for the following years ( 1 to 3 years depends on our management decision ). But you can go for premium nomination by paying the nomination fee (unfortunately no discounts)
2). Primary account manager facility will be withdrawn
3). Phone, WhatsApp Support will be unavailable. Only Email support will be provided.
4). You will lose complimentary Individual nominations in the following years.

Once you opt for any winner package, You are free to publish. Please make sure to announce your winning after our public announcement.

We would like to highlight some important points

  • If you do not order the winner package, You will not be able to use Award Logo, Brand Name & winning news in any of your marketing materials or your product promotions.
  • Our Jury team and Management Team spends approximately 10 to 15 Hours for selecting 1 winner. There are a lot of process involved in the winner selection
  • If you do not utilise the award winning the next deserving winner will also lose the chance of promoting his/her product .

Considering all the above points, If you are a winner and if you do not wish to order winner package then you will miss out the following benefits.

  • Nomination / Registration Fee of GBP 580 is applicable for the further year Nominations.
  • Not eligible for Nominating Your company Individuals (GM / Directors / Sales / Marketing Team) on Complimentary Basis. GBP 380 per individual is applicable toward nomination fee
  • You will not be eligible for Voting Acceleration Program for the next 3 Years.
Here is the estimated delivery time for the winner package.
Digital Materials :  7 Working days.
Plaque : 4 Weeks 
Trophy : 4 weeks to 8 weeks

*** The above delivery time is subject to change based on the availability and shipping feasibility. The above schedule is not inclusive of shipping duration. ****