You can Nominate UNLIMITED COMPANIES. There are NO restrictions.

Any duplicate Nominations will be rejected automatically.

Unlimited. You can nominate any number of individuals from your company.

You are eligible to choose a maximum of 3 categories per company.

Yes. You can change the category before the voting starts for your company.

Once our First Level Jury approves your nomination for voting, You cannot change award category.

In the past few years, We found that our winners had missed many announcements during their busy schedule and other reasons.

To make sure our winners do not miss any good news and updates towards their nomination or winning we STRONGLY recommend to provide WhatsApp Number of each contact.

The company size does not matter  !!!!

The awards are NOT only for Big Guys !! We want to encourage and recognise each and every deserving company in the tourism industry.

We consider the Product Offering, Customer Reviews & various details during our Jury Evaluation. 

The following can be nominated

For International Travel Awards

  • Hotelier
  • General Manager
  • Director
  • Sales Director
  • PR Director
  • Marketing Director
  • CEO 
  • Marketing Manager

For International Dining Awards :

  • Restaurant Owner
  • F&B Manager
  • Sales /Marketing Director
  • Chef
  • PR Director / PR Manager

International Spa & Beauty Awards 

  • Spa / Salon Owner
  • Spa / Salon Director
  • Spa / Salon Manager
  • Therapist / stylist / Beauticians 

Yes. You can nominate multiple hotel s/ companies / restaurants / spa under your (same login) account.

IMPORTANT :  You don't have to create a separate account for each nomination. You can manager all the nominations under one account.