Claim voting points

You can claim Points for the below marketing activities.

  • Email Campaigns 
  • WhatsApp Status Message / Broadcast
  • Social Media Sharing ( FB / Instagram / Twitter & etc )
  • PR Submission
  • Placing Voting widget in your website
  • Placing voting banner in your email signatures
  • Facebook / Google Paid ads
  • and any other Unique & Legal way of promotions.

Please refer "Claim Points" section in your award portal login for more details.

To encourage all our participants, We offer a points for every campaigns they do. You can refer the points for each voting activity you do at "Claim Points" section.

Its very easy to claim points for your voting campaigns.

You just need to show some proof such as screenshot or URL of your campaign. 

Please follow the below steps to claim your points. 
1). Click  "Claim Points"  on Header Link (top header).
2). You can see the Blue color Button "Claim Points". Click this Button.
3). Select Your Nomination Company ( Hotel / Restaurant / Spa),  Upload Screenshot of your campaign, Enter more details such as URL & Etc.  Thats All.  Click "Submit"

Our team will take 3 to 5 working days to review the details and approve your points.

PR or Press Release is one of the powerful online media. There are so many PR websites related to travel around the world.  You can simply google "Travel PR websites" or "Tourism PR websites" 

Some PRs they charge and some they do not charge. 

Here is a guideline to submit a PR : 

Step 1 : Write 1 Page article about your nomination at the award program.
Step 2 : Mention the Award Program with Award website Link. For example, If you are nominated at International Travel Awards then mention https://internationaltravelawards.org website in the PR content. 
Step 3 : Find the PR website and submit 

Here are our tips 

1. Find the Travel News / Travel PR website in your country. You can search in google.
2. Approach them and send the best content. 
Note : If you content is good then many PR websites do not charge and they would love to publish.
3. Follow-up with them for making it  live.

IMPORTANT : Do not forget to link our award website. You will be eligible for the points only if you have mentioned the awards link in the PR.