All the voting related materials are available in your account.

Please login to your Awards portal account ( https://international.awardsportal.org/login ). The username & password is sent to you at the time of nomination (Please check in your email inbox)

Once you have logged in, You can see voting link for each of your nomination (Under My Nomination section).  You can see Voting Banners in "Voting Banner" section.

We request you to refer all voting related FAQ for better understanding.

Here is the Winner Selection Procedure

1st Level Jury - 35%
Voting - 30%
Final Jury Evaluation - 35%

You can see that we have allocated voting for 30% of the winning chance. But every vote increases your chance of winning. We strongly recommend you to collect the maximum votes possible.We made our voting process in a simple way. 

Furthermore, You can even claim points for every voting activities you do. If you do all the marketing activities and claim your points then there is a good chance for winning.

We help all Nominees to get votes on a complimentary basis.  We run various campaigns from our side such as social media campaigns, Website campaigns, Email Marketing, Banner ads and display ads to promote our voting process.

Our website visitors will  vote for more and more companies as per their experience or knowledge. So there is a good chance that you will be getting more  votes through our campaigns.

Yes. You can track all your voting points in your dashboard

Following audiences are eligible for voting

  • Your employees / colleagues
  • Your clients / customers
  • Your travel trade Partners
  • Your suppliers
  • Your friends / relatives
  • Your tourism /travel industry friends 

Unique email id & IP address are considered for vote counting.

But One person can vote for multiple (different) companies / nominations. 

If they vote multiple time with same email id or from same IP address for a same company then our system will automatically ignore the duplicate voting.

We made our voting process in a simple way.

For every nomination you will get a Unique Voting URL. When you or your people open this link they will have an option to vote for your company.

You are required to share this URL to your friends, colleagues, clients and industry partners to collect vote. You can collect votes from various channels. Few of them are

  • Share Your Voting URL in WhatsApp Status
  • Send Voting URL to your WhatsApp Broadcast List
  • Share Your voting url in your Facebook / Instagram / Youtube / other social media platforms
  • Place your Email Signatures in your Email
  • Place voting widget in your website ( Take help from web designer / web developer. This takes just 5 mins for them )
  • Email Campaigns ==> This is most important. You can send email to all your clients with voting link. We have seen that people got more votes through Email campaigns. This is a proven method.
  • Place Voting QR Code and send it to your people to vote.

Our voting campaign is generally for 30days for each nominee.  We recommend you to start the voting as soon as possible.

We provide equal opportunity for all our nominees. So there is NO POSSIBILITY  of extending the voting period for any company.

Please email us to know more details on how to feature your nomination in the voting page. 

Email id : Awards@ksaenterprise.com

Yes. Voting URL is the only place where people can vote for your nomination. You need to share the Voting URL through various channels  to get more votes.

For every Nomination, There is a UNIQUE VOTING URL / LINK.

In this voting URL, Your company details along with the category will be displayed.People can vote for your nomination using this voting URL /QR code .

You will be provided Unique Voting Link / URL. This URL is available in your award portal login / account.

You need to share this Voting URL to your people to get more votes

You can share your voting URL in your social media pages (FB / Instagram / Twitter).

You can also design a nice post image / post with your voting link and share the same in your social media pages.

Note : You can claim voting points for your Social media share. Please refer "Claim Points" section in your award account portal

We recommend you to include your Voting Link with a stunning image in your Email Newsletters. We strongly recommend you to follow the GDPR / Privacy Policy / Anti-Spam policy / Other Policies while doing your email marketing.

We recommend you to send newsletters to your opt-in clients to get more votes. This is a proven method.

Note : You can claim voting points for your Email Marketing activity. Please refer "Claim Points" section in your award account portal

You can share your voting URL in your / your team's  WhatsApp Status, Send a Broadcast message to your clients.

NOTE : You can also claim points for whatsapp share. You can refer "Claim Points" section in your award portal login

Please refer the Points Table in "Claim Points" page to know more about the voting points.

We offer an ample opportunity to get more voting points for your every campaign / marketing activity.Incase if you want to know more about our marketing options please contact us at Awards@ksaenterprise.com

You can claim points for the following activities.

  • PR Submissions ( Paid & Free )
  • Social Media Sharing  (Facebook / Linkedin / Twitter / Instagram / Youtube / Pinterest)
  • Email Marketing
  • WhatsApp Status Sharing
  • Paid Advertisement ( Facebook / Google / Banner )
  • Submitting Article on your website 
  • Linking Badge on your website
  • Email Signature

We strictly follow Privacy Policy !!
We never share the details (Name, Email ID, Contact Number, Company, Designation or any other details) of who has casted their votes for your company.

Yes you can. Please send an email to awards@ksaenterprise.com

Please mention in subject "Request : Voting Acceleration Program" 

This program is subject to approval.