After Winning

Our Award selection process involves various stages such as First Level Jury Team evaluation, Voting Process, 2nd Level Jury evaluation, Management Team Review.  Once you're announced as a winner for a particular category, It is NOT Possible to change the category.

Please note that the selection of winning category is purely based on our Jury Team's evaluation process,Voting and review . 
Our Jury & Management team will spend enormous amount of time in filtering the deserved winner for each category . It is not possible to change the winning category for any reason.

No. Winners are NOT allowed to use International Travel Awards Logo, Brand Name or any materials related to International Travel Awards until they purchase the Winner package.

Rights to use International Travel Awards Logo, Name, Website or any other materials related to award program is a part of the Winner Package. You are free to use all the materials once you purchase the winner package.

Our Legal & compliance Team regularly checks our Winner's Website, Social Media Pages & Marketing related materials for the misuse of brand name. 

Yes. All our winner package is inclusive of RIGHTS TO USE International Travel awards Logo, Brand Name.

Even if you order any individual Winner package such as Winner Certificate, Winner Badge & etc.., then you get the RIGHTS TO USE our Award logo and brand name.

After purchasing the winner package, You are free to announce your winning to the entire world.

We would like to highlight some important points

  • If you do not order the winner package, You will not be able to use Award Logo, Brand Name & winning news in any of your marketing materials or your product promotions.
  • Our Jury team and Management Team spends approximately 10 to 15 Hours for selecting 1 winner. There are a lot of process involved in the winner selection
  • If you do not utilise the award winning the next deserving winner will also lose the chance of promoting his/her product .

Considering all the above points, If you are a winner and if you do not wish to order winner package then you will miss out the following benefits.

  • Nomination / Registration Fee of GBP 580 is applicable for the further year Nominations.
  • Not eligible for Nominating Your company Individuals (GM / Directors / Sales / Marketing Team) on Complimentary Basis. GBP 380 per individual is applicable toward nomination fee
  • You will not be eligible for Voting Acceleration Program for the next 3 Years.

Here is the estimated delivery time for the winner package.

Digital Materials : 5 to 7 Working days.
Plaque : 15 to 20 Working Days
Trophy : 25 to 30 Working Days
PR Services : 7 Working Days from the date of PR Article Submitted.

You will enjoy the following benefits by ordering a winner package

  • RIGHTS TO USE International Travel Awards Logo, Brand Name. Use it in all your promotional Materials
  • Complimentary Nomination for next 3 Years.
  • Complimentary Nomination for your company individuals (GM / Managers / Directors & etc)
  • List your Company / Hotel in our Awards Portal
  • Booking Option at our Awards Portal 
  • Your Social Media Links at our Awards portal
  • and few more benefits.

Most of our winners prefer the Diamond Package since it has exclusive marketing and branding benefits along with attractive winner materials.The price is also discounted.

You do not have the rights to change or modify or create any winner badge.

Once you opt for any winner package, You are free to publish. Please make sure to announce your winning after our public announcement.