Art Palace of Georgia - Museum of Cultural History

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About Art Palace of Georgia - Museum of Cultural History

Georgian Art Palace - Museum of Cultural History is a depository of Georgian cultural objects. The museum is housed in a building in Tbilisi. It was designed by a well-known architect of the time, Paul Stern, and is an example of gothic and Islamic architecture. |In 1927, the Museum of Theatre, founded by David Arsenishvili (1905-1963)- a famous Georgian public figure (later appointed as the First Director of the Andrei Rublev Museum in Moscow), was moved to the building. The museum has more than 300,000 objects that provide information on the development of Georgian theatre, cinema, circus, folklore, opera, and ballet, as well as providing insight into the lives of figures in respective fields. The building consists of 2 parts - new and old building. The Art Palace includes 8 depositories (Depository of Posters, Depository of Gramophone Records, Depository of Library and Rare Editions, Depository of Memorial Objects and Works of Art, Depository of Photos and Negatives, Depository of Fine Arts, Depository of Manuscripts and Archive Documents, Depository of Sculptures) and a unique library. The Art Palace was the first museum in Georgia to be included in Google Arts and Culture, with 12 of its exhibitions featured on the arts and culture website:

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