Mtserlebi Resort

Company Type : Hotel
Location : Khashuri, Georgia
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About Mtserlebi Resort

RESORT “MTSERLEBI” A place, where you can discover peace and harmony combination, place of three main air of Georgian areas, blown from the humid sea sides to the south dry winds mixed into the center of “K'vishkhet'i” Village, where the Hotel “Mtserlebi” is located. “Mtserlebi” as a word in English means “Poets, Writers” originated from the past times as the resort was famous relaxing village for many Poets and Playwriters and still it attracts visitors from all over the world. The Resort consists from the huge territories as outside also inside spaces: Spring yard with garden plants that bloom early every year, special Hearth place for fireplace lovers, surrounded with historical Monasteries, well known Museums, Caucasus Mountains and wild Forests; Classic Vintage and the Modern details create the design of a building in terroirs and exteriors, Inspired by Landscapes and the local materials. Eclectic Style has been derived until now. Integrated with contemporary, modern art deco features. Man-made Bricks from Khashuri manufacturing places consists from the hand fingers Stamped into the brick and creates its unique definition. Hotel’s Reception behind owns main wall of Oak Tree, which is preserved from the old Oak Tree House of 1725. Above the resort’s top point Night Club is innovation for the Inner Kartli region, The entrance door of the club has a history, that is originated from 1847 and is made with a demolished Pine tree house, which has kept previous turquoise shades. Astonishing Swimming Pools for Summer Heating escape and the widely enhance Terraces to bring the pleasant inspiration to the horizontal views with Delicious traditional food and all types of beverages of the Restaurant “Graz” which is working on “farm to table „concept with eco and healthy food from resorts own agricultural lands. Exactly that’s the main reason how It interests all the tourists worldwide.

Achievements : Mtserlebi Resort classified by Horeca Georgia Based on Hotelstars Union classification System, The hotel is entitled to the five stars hotel award in this period: December 2020- December 2022