Winning & Gala Ceremony

Who will be attending the Gala Ceremony event ?

The Grand gala ceremony will be attended by the winners of ITA ,travel industry professionals and travel agents from all over the world .

Can we recommend / apply for speakers at the Gala Ceremony ?

Yes , you’re welcome to apply for the speaker session . Please contact us for more information .

Do you offer a Digital Certificate, winner badge on complimentary basis ?

Yes , we offer digital certificates and winner badges on a complimentary basis.

Jury Team Related

Can we know the Jury Team at International Travel Awards ?

Our Jury board consists of highly experienced tourism and travel professionals from all over the world. Kindly refer to the jury section for more details .

Can I apply for a Jury member position ?

Yes , you can apply for the Jury position. Our management team will evaluate your application and select the suitable members.

Is there any fee involved for Jury membership ?

There is no fee involved for the jury membership.

What is my responsibility as a Jury ?

The role of jury members is to evaluate each nomination and give them the winning score .Once the nominees complete their voting campaign you will review & count them and also add your final winning points.

I have nominated my company and I know few of the jury team, Can I discuss with them about our nomination,voting etc ?

Please note you are not allowed to discuss about your nomination, voting with the jury board.

Nomination Related

Who can be nominated at International Travel Awards ?

Hotels ,resorts , villas, homestays , travel companies, travel agents, DMC’s , online travel agencies , tourist attractions, theme parks, tourism board, car rental companies , luxury travel companies,airlines, cruises , eco friendly hotels etc .. Anyone from the tourism and travel industry can be a participant in the International Travel Awards.

I have multiple hotels / companies. Can I nominate all ?

Yes you can nominate multiple companies /hotels. Each hotel /company has to be nominated separately.

What are all the benefits do I receive upon nominating my company ?

  • Nomination Badge
  • Voting Banners
  • Voting Badge
  • Award Portal Access to manage your Nominations, Votings & etc
  • Promotion in our Social Media Platform
    • Posting on Facebook Page
    • Posting on our Instagram Page
    • Posting on Linked in Platform
  • Your business profile section at our Award Portal
  • 1 Complimentary PR Submission credit in International Travel Awards News Section

Do I need to pay a nomination fee at the time of Nomination ?

You need NOT pay any fee at the time of nomination. Only if you score more than 65% in the first level jury review there will be a marketing fee to be paid to move to the voting stage.

What are all the parameters you check after the nomination ?

Our jury and nomination team checks the below after your nomination
For hotels – the star category , to see if the nominated categories match the hotel profile,services & facilities offered, testimonials on various online platforms etc

For Travel companies- services offered, Nominated category, company presence , online reviews etc.

Attractions/theme parks /sightseeing places : Company profile , safety measures , facilities available

Tourism Board :

What is the Nomination Fee ?

We do not charge a nomination fee.

Can I be nominated again if my nomination is not eligible for Stage 2 ?

Yes you can nominate again and wait for our jury review and score to check your eligibility .

Can I nominate our company individual (GM / Director / Manager / Chef / Employee) ?

Yes, you can nominate your GM, Marketing /sales Director , Manager , chef whom you think need appreciation and recognition .

Voting Related

What is the voting period you offer for each nominee ?

Each nominee will get 45 days of voting period .

Who can Vote ?

Vote can be casted by customers, travel and tourism industry professionals and public.

What is your recommendation for getting more voting Points ?

To increase voting points please collect more votes from travel industry professionals.

Can one person vote multiple times ?

One person can vote ONLY ONE time .Multiple votes from same email id , Ip address etc won’t be counted.

Can my employees vote for my company ?

Yes your employees can vote for the nomination .

Can we extend our voting periods ?

Voting period is 45 days for each nominee and special requests can be sent to us for extending the timeline. Our team will review the request and notify you.

Inspection Related

Who will do the inspection ?

Inspection will be done by the jury board .

What do we need to offer as part of the inspection ?

For Inspection we would require a 3 nights stay voucher on full board for 1 room.

Do you provide any report after the inspection ?

Yes ,our team will be sending you a report about the inspection .It will include various inspection points , feedback and suggestions.