International Travel Awards crafted by KSA is uniquely devised to choose and motivate the super excuting travel industry companies. More than 2,000 nominees, 1 Lacs worldwide people vote is expected to vote in the voting session. every travel company in City, State and Country level. all type of company Hotels, Resorts, Tour Operators, DMC, Airlines, Tourism Boards & etc., call for nominations is opened just now.

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Nominations open for year 2020.
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Central African Republic Tourism Awards Gallery

Nomination for 2020 is about to Close !!!

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Central African Republic Travel Awards Procedure

FINAL CALL : Nomination for 2020 is about to Close !!!

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Jury Members


14yrs in Tourism

Manoj Padhi

36yrs in Tourism

Brian Koroll

35yrs in Tourism
Hong Kong

Ajit Ramchandani

25yrs in Tourism

Yousif Ibrahim

23yrs in Tourism

Jagan Lacsher

23yrs in Tourism

Robert Mitache

20yrs in Tourism

Baskaran Kosthi

20yrs in Tourism

Sukru Cimrin

20yrs in Tourism

Franco Ray

20yrs in Tourism

Toshiro Maruyama

19yrs in Tourism


17yrs in Tourism

Central African Republic Tourism Awards Details

Central African Republic tourism Awards is a famous tourism Award show in Central African Republic which aims to find and reward the emerging organizations in hospitality industry across Central African Republic. All Tourism companies in Central African Republic such as Hotels, Resorts, Tour Operators, DMC, Airlines, Tourism Boards & etc have the opportunity to register in the Central African Republic hotel Awards organized by KSA. There are different stages involved in identifying the winning travel enterprises in Central African Republic and honoring them. We have designed Central African Republic tourism awards carefully to brand each of the hotel performers . Central African Republic travel awards is conducted by International Travel Awards program, We created Central African Republic travel award show ,keeping one thing in Mind – “Leveraging a strong brand name for all the participants in Central African Republic travel awards.

Central African Republic Travel Awards have huge award categories, All the nominees compete in City, State, Country and Region level which help all participants to increase their winning chances. This gives a good chance for our nominees to be a winner and get every advantages from Central African Republic Travel Awards competition . Nominated candidate will obtain Nominee Certificate, Marketing Materials, Branding at International Travel Awards Website, Your performers profile will be featured at International Travel Awards Website, Winner Certificate will be provided on Country Level, Region & World Wide Level winners, Winner Trophy will be given for Region/Continent & Worldwide wide Winners.

Most of the tourism performers in tourism industry wants exposure beyond the boundaries of their locality. The Central African Republic Travel Awards present to a one credible way for any brand to announce their presence as masters in global tourism industry. The Nominated organizations profile will be displayed on the International Travel Awards website. The nominees will receive the nomination certificate exclusively from International tourism Awards through online. Nomination certificate is not for everyone only for nominated companies. Nominating your Travel enterprises under the International Travel Awards, it is a huge pride and creates global branding for your tourism organizations

There are multiple categories under each main category such as hotels, Travel companies, airlines, cruise & etc. Every enterprise that knows that the quality to make things happen in their notch to be counted among the honors list. We have a 50 plus categories in Central African Republic Travel Awards, which is used to increase nominees winning chances and correctly fit into your enterprises category. Based on the your companies profile, you can choose the right categories form the list. The location of your Travel organization is not a barrier , recognition awaits any tourism companies that performs on best quality. few of the categories shown are for you reference such as Best Wellness & Spa Resort, Best 5 Star Hotel, Best 4 Star Hotel, Best 3 Star Hotel, Best Tented Safari Camp, Best Safari Lodge, Best Fine Dining Hotel Restaurant, Best Wellness Hotel and etc

We are recognizing the best Travel companies on the potential field which assist our nominees to leverage their brand world wide , The nominations are happening on the full swing. You can find the recent participants at Nominee page at our our portal . Giants from the travel industry around the globe involve participate in Central African Republic Travel awards. Few of them are Shangri La, Pullman, Address Hotel – Dubai, Palm Atlantis Hotel Dubai, Leela Palace, Aquason, Rezlive and lot more

There are various stages involved in finding the best tourism companies in Central African Republic Travel awards andhonoring them. Here are the normal stages in order, Registration / Nomination by the companies, performers Eligibility Check, Nomination Confirmation for Approved companies, Vote by tourism Trade members and consumers, Nomination certificates are offered to Travel enterprises at the nomination stage, Voting Start for a duration of 2 months for all nominees, Winners will be disclosed 2 months prior to the Gala Ceremony show, Gala Ceremony event details will be communicated to each our nominees. Company Eligibility Checking process can be done by 2 ways. Verified by our internal team and jury members

Winners are identified at the end of the voting season, and interim results are then released to the respective Travel enterprises . Participants will be invited to attend the Central African Republic Travel awards Gala Ceremony, where the official winners are announced, also revealing the category and region of the award achieved. This event is the year’s mega event , with huge new business opportunities forged from the meeting of hospitality affiliates and media companies around the world. What are you waiting for ? go ahead and register your Travel enterprises to take it to the next great level internationally .

Nominee Profile for Central African Republic Tourism Awards

  • Nominee Certificate
  • PR Services
  • Marketing Materials
  • Branding at International Travel Awards Website
  • Account Manager
  • Social Media Marketing

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