Lyall Hotel and Spa


  • Employee Size : 36


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Company Profile

Company Name Lyall Hotel and Spa
Designation Hotelier
Contact Person Rowina Thomas
Employee Size 36
Company Address 16 Murphy Street
Country Australia
City South Yarra Melbourne
Businees Year 16
Website www.thelyall.com

Company Overview

A discreet, urban oasis of charm and luxury

with a welcome that is warm and sincere.


To stay at The Lyall is to experience Melbourne

as a privileged local or guest in a wealthy friend’s

elegant home,


There is no sign of BIG BRAND here,  The Lyall is

individual with service that is

tailor made and lifestyle facilities that encourage

a longer stay and immersion into ‘LyallStyle.’


Whether exploring Melbourne,  doing business,

bringing the family for a  special occasion or

simply seeking privacy and time - out,

The Lyall will indulge the senses with local produce dining,

bespoke cocktails and champagne, culture and wellness.


Choose from One or Two Bedroom Suites in

contemporary oriental style all with thoughtful

design touches, “ultra comfortable”  beds,

separate living rooms and balconies. 


Beyond The Lyall is a neighbourhood and city

that will excite and enrich the most discerning

and savvy traveller.   The unique “Insider Information”

“Exclusive Shopping Privilege Card” and

“Owner’s Guide to Local Dining” ensure an

authentic Melbourne experience.


Reservation Details

Reservation Name Reservations
Reservation Mobile +61398688222
Reservation E-Mail reservations@thelyall.com