The Pinnacle Athens

Company Type : Hotel
Location : Athens, Greece
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About The Pinnacle Athens

Designed in the 70’s by the prominent architect Varagis in the style of Athenian Modernism as one of the first shopping malls in Greece, The Pinnacle Athens is the tallest building at the Commercial Triangle resembling a mini skyscraper! A complete renovation project in 2019 resulted in a “classic-with-a-twist” complex of Spacious Suites (25 to 65 square meters) in the style of Urban Eclecticism. Bespoke furniture, gold & silver details, soft colors, velvet curtains, wooden floors & vintage wallpapers compose a scenery of comfort and urban luxury. English teapots, toile de jouy fabrics, old keys & hats along with paintings & gravures, were chosen one by one by antique shops to give a familiar & welcoming character in every suite. Awarded as “Best Urban Stay” and Highly Commented in the categories “Best Suite” and “Concept of the Year”, within its very first year of operation, The Pinnacle Athens is an on-going-project, so our guests are never bored but on the contrary discover something new every time they choose to visit us!

Achievements : After a relevant evaluation and by meeting all the necessary criteria, our Team was happy to see The Pinnacle Athens joining the dynamics of HIP hotels, an iconic collection of unconventional stays around the globe that encourages guests to escape the ordinary! As we became a new member of this beautiful family we gave ourselves the promise to never stop generating new ideas and keep The Pinnacle Athens fresh and unique even for the guests who honor us by visiting us again and again! Greek Hotel of The Year is one of the most prestigious events in Greece, where renowned executives in the field of tourism seek and award in separate categories the best accommodation throughout Greece! The award ceremonies are attended by important personalities of the political and business world, such as ministers and municipal councilors as well as important figures of shipping, architecture and tourism! The Pinnacle Athens, in its very first year of operation, won the URBAN STAY 2020 Award (WINNER), while it was Highly Commented in the BEST SUITE 2020 category and Highly Commented in the CONCEPT OF THE YEAR 2020 category (in this category there was not a Winner but only two Highly Commented entries)! The annual 100% Hotel Design Awards competition of the 100% Hotel Show, promotes and highlights the best hotel projects in Greece and Cyprus, with special emphasis on the design, concept and uniqueness of each venue. In this year's 100% Hotel Design Awards, The Pinnacle Athens was evaluated and is among the 24 finalists of the competition as a candidate in 3 separate categories! The announcement of the results will take place in the last week of January 2021. 100% Hotel Show is considered the top Exhibition for Greek Hoteliers! Every year hundreds of hoteliers, manufacturers, interior designers, hotel equipment suppliers and tourism professionals come together to exchange ideas, exhibit their products and attend special tourism seminars. In this context, the Workshop “Greek Hotel Design Reborn - The Athenian Example” was organized, during which our Team was invited to present The Pinnacle Athens as one of the three cases of Athenian accommodation that stand out! atenistas are an open community of citizens of Athens who love their city and consider Athens to be a field of inventive and effective actions drawing energy from Athenians who want to do something for their city and seek for a channel of creative participation. In this context, they often organize activities such as the OPEN WALK ATHENS where they invite and guide the Athenians and foreign visitors of our city to unique buildings and businesses in which, in consultation with the owners, ensure access to participants! The Pinnacle Athens, from the very first months of its operation, had the honor to be included as an important destination in this special walk and to welcome hundreds of visitors who were guided to its premises, its special art gallery and its roof garden with the wonderful view! Open House is a well-known global institution which promotes interior design and architecture. The public is invited to explore and understand the value of architecture. Carefully selected private and public buildings of significant design and architecture open their gates once a year so everyone can access them for free while being able to explore, admire and be inspired by unique architecture like being in a museum! Open House Athens is a member of the wider family of Open House Worldwide and by organizing annual events aims to promote architecture and secure access to everyone to worth seeing buildings and interiors in Athens and Thessaloniki! The Pinnacle Athens, was honored to be included in the last Open House event during which visitors will be able to explore some of the Suites and Public Areas while at the same time will be extensively informed about the historicity of the building! Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, part of this year’s Open House event was held online, while the actual tours will take place in the near future.