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2020 Travel Awards nominations are opened Now.

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International Travel awards 2020






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Few of Our Nominees

Why should you nominate in International Travel awards 2020?

This prestigious world level travel and tourism awards competition was created by group of tourism industry experts to answer a need for nurturing and promoting the best performers in world tourism industry irrespective of their size and brand recognition.

International Judges

Each and every nomination company will be evaluated carefully by one of the 100+ highly experienced tourism industry experts around the world to make sure you meet the world-class tourism and hospitality service expectations.

300+ Categories

International Travel Awards 2020 is recognised as one of the larges travel and tourism industry award program globally having over 300 unique categories to address each and every elements of tourism industry.

5 Years Recognition

Your institution will be displayed on our International travel awards website for 5 years to celebrate your winning and achievement in world travel & tourism industry awards.

Go Global

Joining with international travel awards 2020, You will bring your establishment to global level which makes your company available to 300k visitors during the voting period.

Networking Opportunities

Network with world travel & tourism industry leaders from each corner of the world and build new relationships by connecting at premier events. This is a great opportunity network and take your business relationship to next level.

Winner Package

International Travel Awards 2020 offers unique and ample amount of winner materials such as winner trophy, Placard, Winner badge, winner certificate, winner medal & etc. Create strong branding by showcasing your winning to the world.

Prestige & Respect

Increase your brand visibility to new audiences globally which increases your business revenue. Create a strong credibility in customer mind which converts more prospects into business.

Increased Sales

Winning companies will receive exposure that can increase sales drastically, allowing you to profit more from your customer base. Winning an award increases sale with no doubt.

Staff Recognition

A win with International Travel Awards 2020 will certainly increase job satisfaction, Productivity, morale among employees. Let your employees feel proud to work in your great organization.

Top Categories

International Travel Awards 2020 is one of the largest travel and tourism awards program which has over 300+ categories to address each and every business area in the world of tourism awards segment such as Hotel awards, Luxury hotel awards, Tourism awards for tourism boards and lot more. Below are few of the categories. But this is not the final list. We recommend you to nominate at 2020 to see all awards categories.

  • Best 5 Star Hotel
  • Best 4 Star Hotel
  • Best 3 Star Hotel
  • Best Tented Safari Camp
  • Best Safari Lodge
  • Best Mountain Top Resort
  • Best River side Resort
  • Best Snow Resort / Hotel
  • Best Hill Resort
  • Best Jungle Resort
  • Best Desert Resort
  • Best Fine Dining Hotel Restaurant
  • Best Wellness Hotel
  • Best Family & Wellness Resort
  • Best Villa Resort
  • Best New Resort
  • Best New Hotel
  • Best Lifestyle Resort
  • Best Lifestyle Hotel Brand
  • Best Lifestyle Hotel
  • Best Kids Friendly resort
  • Best Island Resort
  • Best Private Island Resort
  • Best Green Hotel
  • Best Design Hotel
  • Best Theme Park Resort
  • Best Themed Resort
  • Best Themed Hotel
  • Best Entertainment & Dining Resort
  • Best Casino Hotel
  • Best Entertainment Hotel
  • Best Airport Hotel
  • Best Hotel Apartment
  • Best Serviced Apartments
  • Best Serviced Apartment Brand
  • Best Boutique Airport Hotel
  • Best Boutique Resort
  • Best Boutique Hotel
  • Best Heritage Hotel
  • Best Romantic Resort
  • Best Honeymoon Resort
  • Best MICE Hotel
  • Best Meetings & Conference Hotel
  • Best Conference Hotel
  • Best Business Hotel Brand
  • Best Business Hotel
  • Best All-Inclusive Resort
  • Best All Inclusive Hotel
  • Best Family Resort
  • Best Family Hotel
  • Best Leisure Resort
  • Best Beach Resort
  • Best Beach Hotel
  • Best City Hotel
  • Best Resort
  • Best Hotel
  • Best Sustainable Tourism Company
  • Best Hospitality Development Company
  • Best Hotel Management Company
  • Best Distillery Tour
  • Best Luxury Camping Company
  • Best Safari Tour Operator
  • Best Desert Safari Company
  • Best Safari Company
  • Best Adventure Tour Operator
  • Best Cruise Travel Agent
  • Best Emerging Travel Company
  • Best Travel Management Company
  • Best Luxury Tour Operator
  • Best Online Travel Agency
  • Best Group Tour Operator
  • Best Group Travel Company
  • Best B2B Travel Provider
  • Best Corporate Travel Company
  • Best Business Travel Agency
  • Best Destination Management Company
  • Best Domestic Tour Operator
  • Best Outbound Tour Operator
  • Best Inbound Tour Operator
  • Best Air ticketing Company
  • Best Travel Agency
  • Best Tour Operator
  • Best City Break Destination
  • Best Tourism Development Project
  • Best Highly developed Tourism Destination
  • Best Unexplored Tourism Destination
  • Best Backwater Destination
  • Best Adventure Tourism Destination
  • Best Wild life Destination
  • Best Eco friendly destination
  • Best Festival & Event Destination
  • Best Heritage destination
  • Best Shopping Destination
  • Best Kids friendly Destination
  • Best Family Destination
  • Best Theme Park Destination
  • Best Entertainment Destination
  • Best Honeymoon Destination
  • Best Wedding Destination
  • Best Romantic Destination
  • Best Island Destination
  • Best Cruise Destination
  • Best Emerging Tourism Destination
  • Best MICE Destination
  • Best Corporate Travel Destination
  • Best Meetings & Conference Destination
  • Best Beach Destination
  • Best City Destination
  • Best Country Tourism Board
  • Best State Tourism Board
  • Best Destination
  • Best Travel ERP Technology Provider
  • Best Hotel Technology Provider
  • Best Travel Technology Provider
  • Best Hotel Booking Solutions Provider
  • Best Airport Lounge
  • Best Airport Duty Free Operator
  • Best Airport Hotel
  • Best Airport
  • Best Airline – First Class
  • Best Airline – Business Class
  • Best Airline
  • Best African Cuisine
  • Best Argentinian Cuisine
  • Best Asian Cuisine
  • Best Asian Fusion Cuisine
  • Best Austrian Cuisine
  • Best Belgian Cuisine
  • Best Cocktail Menu
  • Best Food Styling/Presentation
  • Best Head Chef
  • Best Luxury Restaurant Bar
  • Best Wine Selection
  • Best Brazilian Cuisine
  • Best British Cuisine
  • Best Chilean Cuisine
  • Best Chinese Cuisine
  • Best Colombian Cuisine
  • Best Cuban Cuisine
  • Best Danish Cuisine
  • Best Dutch Cuisine
  • Best Eclectic/International Cuisine
  • Best European Cuisine
  • Best Fine Dining Cuisine
  • Best Finnish Cuisine
  • Best French Cuisine
  • Best Fusion Cuisine
  • Best German Cuisine
  • Best Gourmet Bistro
  • Best Gourmet Cuisine
  • Best Gourmet Vegan Cuisine
  • Best Gourmet-style Buffet
  • Best Greek Cuisine
  • Best Haute Cuisine
  • Best Health and Wellness Cuisine
  • Best Hungarian Cuisine
  • Best Indian Cuisine
  • Best Indigenous/Heritage Cuisine
  • Best Indonesian Cuisine
  • Best Italian Cuisine
  • Best Japanese Cuisine
  • Best Lebanese Cuisine
  • Best Luxury Beachside Restaurant
  • Best Luxury Boutique Hotel Restaurant
  • Best Luxury Brasserie
  • Best Luxury Entertainment Restaurant
  • Best Luxury Family Restaurant
  • Best Luxury Gastro Pub
  • Best Luxury Grill
  • Best Luxury Heritage Restaurant
  • Best Luxury Hotel Restaurant
  • Best Luxury Interior Design
  • Best Luxury Kosher Cuisine
  • Best Luxury Resort Restaurant
  • Best Luxury Scenic Setting
  • Best Luxury Seafood Restaurant
  • Best Luxury Spa Restaurant
  • Best Luxury Steakhouse
  • Best Luxury Tapas Restaurant
  • Best Luxury Theme Restaurant
  • Best Luxury Unique Experience
  • Best Luxury Waterside Restaurant
  • Best Luxury Wedding Cuisine
  • Best Luxury Wine Estate Restaurant
  • Best Malaysian Cuisine
  • Best Mediterranean Cuisine
  • Best Mexican Cuisine
  • Best Molecular Cuisine
  • Best Moroccan Cuisine
  • Best Luxurious Ambience
  • Best Romantic Atmosphere
  • Best Outstanding Architecture
  • Best Pakistani Cuisine
  • Best Palestinian Cuisine
  • Best Peruvian Cuisine
  • Best Polish Cuisine
  • Best Portuguese Cuisine
  • Best Romanian Cuisine
  • Best Russian Cuisine
  • Best South African Cuisine
  • Best South American Cuisine
  • Best Spanish Cuisine
  • Best Swedish Cuisine
  • Best Thai Cuisine
  • Best Turkish Cuisine
  • Best Vietnamese Cuisine
  • Best Luxury Yoga Retreat
  • Best Luxury Yoga Experience
  • Best Luxury Wellness Spa
  • Best Luxury Urban Escape
  • Best Luxury Thalassotherapy Spa
  • Best Luxury Spa Village
  • Best Luxury Spa Group
  • Best Luxury Safari Spa
  • Best Luxury Rooftop Spa
  • Best Luxury Romantic Destination Spa
  • Best Luxury Resort Spa
  • Best Luxury Private Island Spa
  • Best Luxury Mountain Resort Spa
  • Best Luxury Mineral Spring Spa
  • Best Luxury Medical Spa
  • Best Luxury Male Spa
  • Best Luxury Jungle Resort Spa
  • Best Luxury Island Resort Spa
  • Best Luxury Hydrotherapy Spa
  • Best Luxury Hotel Spa
  • Best Luxury Historical Hotel Spa
  • Best Luxury Hideaway Spa
  • Best Luxury Hammam Experience
  • Best Luxury Golf Resort Spa
  • Best Luxury Garden Spa
  • Best Luxury Forest Spa
  • Best Luxury Fitness Spa
  • Best Luxury Female Spa
  • Best Luxury Emerging Spa
  • Best Luxury Eco Spa
  • Best Luxury Destination Spa
  • Best Luxury Desert Spa
  • Best Luxury Day Spa
  • Best Luxury Cruise Ship Spa
  • Best Luxury Countryside Spa
  • Best Luxury Business Spa
  • Best Luxury Business Hotel Spa
  • Best Luxury Boutique Spa
  • Best Luxury Beauty Spa
  • Best Luxury Beach Resort Spa
  • Best Luxury Ayurveda Spa
  • Best Luxury Airport Spa
  • Best Luxury Spa Retreat
  • Best Unique Experience Spa
  • Best Spa Manager
  • Best Beauty Salon
  • Best Beauty Product

Countries Participating in International Travel Awards 2020


1. Who is eligible to nominate at International Travel Awards 2020?

Any companies who are into Travel and Tourism industry can nominate into International Travel Awards 2020. Following are few of the list.

  • Country Tourism Board
  • State / City Tourism Board
  • Luxury Hotels / Resorts
  • 5 Star Hotels / Resorts
  • 4 Star / 3 Star Resorts
  • Budget Hotels
  • Villas
  • Hotel apartments
  • Travel Companies
  • Tour operators
  • Airlines
  • Cruise Lines
  • Travel Agents
  • Adventure Tour operators
  • Corporate Travel Companies
  • Any Companies into Tourism industry
  • Any companies in Hotel industry

2. How do I submit entries or How can I Nominate ?

All nominee submissions are self-nomination basis. You can nominate your Hotel / tourism company on your own just by filling the nomination form.

Click here to nominate your company.

3. What is next after the nomination?

Upon successful nomination, You will be offered a login details to access your nominee portal. You are required to complete your profile by entering important details about your company, photos , videos and etc.

Once your profile is completed, Our First level jury will assess your company for next level proceedings.

Nominate for Year 2020

4. What is the Fee to participate in International Travel Awards 2020 ?

Nomination at International Travel Awards is 100% FREE

Once you submit nomination, Our internal jury will evaluate your company profile and category you have submitted your nomination.

Our first level jury assigns a winning score based on various parameters such as your product offering, product competitiveness in the market, online reviews at various websites such as agoda,, tripadvisor,, trust pilot and much more.

If you achieve more than 65% of winning score then you will be eligible to move it to next stage.

To move it to next level, You are required to pay Marketing fee, The marketing fee is completely depends on your hotel, number of employees, product rate & etc.  Unlike any other award program, We do not charge same fee for all. Our aim is to motivate 1 member team also to be part of this great award program. So the fee is completely different for each category.

You will receive an amazing nominee benefits which helps you to make your company winning at International Travel Awards 2020.

Please note that we do not offer a guaranteed winning once you make a marketing fee.

You can start the voting once you are done with marketing fee. We will provide a login portal where you can access all your voting details, Jury member reviews and etc..,

Nominate for Year 2020

5. What are the level of winning?

Following are the levels of winning at International Travel Awards 2020

  1. City Level – Competition in city level
  2. State Level – Competition in State Level
  3. Country Level – Country level competition in Asia Region. If you score good amount of voting from City / State level then you will have higher chances of moving to Country level.

Note : City, State, Country and Regional level winners are eligible to get Winner package such as winner trophy, winner certificate, winner medal, winner badge and Placard

Nominate for Year 2020

6. How do you Judge the winners?

We have 2 levels of judging

    1. Voting (50%) : Collected by nominee company.
      1. Public Vote : 1 point
      2. Travel industry vote : 5 Points
    2. Judging by our jury team (50%). Judging is depends on various parameters such as Hotel / Resort inspection, Collecting feedback from online & etc..,

Nominate for Year 2020

7. What does the winner receive?

Each year, the International Travel Awards 2020  honor the best in hotel and travel industries from around the globe, while you give us a glimpse of the best the luxury hotel industry can offer. City, State, Country and regional level winners are eligible to purchase the following winner package at very nominal fee.

  • One professionally designed certificate commemorating the winning entry which includes entry title, entering company/winners’ name and category. Decal will be affixed indicating the level of win.
  • Customized golden colour winner trophy – available in 15inch and 17inch sizes
  • Placard – which can be affixed on your office reception to take your company brand to next level.
  • A press release will be sent to major industry outlets.
  • Professionally designed icons / banners for use on websites, email signatures, etc.
  • Winners will be featured at International Travel Awards 2020  website in a winner section.
  • Gala ceremony entry  ticket on complimentary basis.

Nominate for Year 2020

8. Why must winner package purchased?

The International Travel Awards 2020 maintains lowest entry fees to allow start-ups, one-person firms and young people the opportunity to enter, as well as firms from countries where the exchange rate or the economic conditions would otherwise make entering impossible.

If an entrant is recognized as a winner, there will be no additional fees. Unlike other awards program that charges acceptance fee, once you have won, you won; there is no additional fee.

If a winner decides they want a statuette, the International Travel Awards 2020 makes them available for purchase, allowing you to order from its manufacturer. This offering process allows the Awards to maintain low entry fees and prevent non-winners’ subsidy of winners.

Some winners can choose not to receive a physical memento as well. Their priority is the prestige of recognition and the exposure that comes with it. Others choose to order statuettes and/or certificates for individuals on their creative team as well as their client. It’s all up to the winners!

Nominate for Year 2020

Case Study

How Companies can leverage their branding by participating at  International Travel Awards 2020 ?

Just by being shortlisted for the any of the international travel awards category such as world level travel awards 2020, world level luxury hotel awards 2020, hospitality industry awards 2020, hotel industry awards 2020, tourism industry awards 2020, travel industry awards 2020, you will be able to win several benefits. Tourism is an intensely competitive market and it might be difficult to stand out. However, you will be able to influence your external world market if you are able to bag the international Tourism Awards. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits it can offer.

Better Position Against Competitors :  The customers of the industry are more likely to choose you over your competitors if you are the award business in the tourism industry. This simply means that you are going to enjoy a better position against competitors.

Increases Sales and More Customers for your Luxury Hotel : Winning or just by being nominated for the Malaysia Tourism Award is going to serve as an indication of trust. Tourism businesses that entered and won the awards have seen an increase in their sales in comparison to the ones who didn’t win. Also, as you demonstrate your credentials in a ceremony like this, the other entrants are going to look at your business more favorably. Hence, it can help you to pick up a lucrative contract.

Recognizes Your Expertise in Hotel industry / hospitality industry : Based on the type of category and award, securing a place in the nominees for the award will make you favorable among the peer group. An award might not a true indicator of the expertise of you or your business, entering it can reinforce your skill and value in this tourism sector. It will acknowledge you for the hard work that you have put in.

Instant Credibility : Winning the award is going to open several doors and provide you with instant credibility with prospective customers. Every customer looks for reviews before planning their travel. An award show by an organization that draws no benefit from your business warrants recognition. You can use this award as a batch on your website to promote your business. This can also be used on your social media profile.

Levels the Playing Field : Many times, awards like this will provide you with the opportunity to combat the big names and stand at par with them. Malaysia Tourism award will enable you to stand head-to-head against the prime companies.

International Travel Awards chooses the top tourism products in the world from every category in every local area. The luxury hotel awards, Luxury Travel Awards, World Travel & Tourism awards, Hospitality industry awards, world level spa awards, luxury spa awards, dining awards, luxury restaurant awards are some of the categories we focus in International Travel Awards organized by KSA.

The award is the highest form of appreciation given out by the top leaders in the tourism industry globally. It is given out to the members for their distinguished contribution to the success of the tourism industry  around the world of travel and tourism industry

In 2018, this award had emerged from a local recognition for including the contribution of global tourism fraternity towards the tourism industry of the world.

However, the new International / World Tourism Awards bring in more improvements for reflecting the international landscape in a better manner. Many improvements have been made to this world level travel awards program. It now includes two new categories, Best Airline and Best Entertainment Spot.

The nominees for this world level luxury hotel awards and world / global level travel and tourism awards are nominated by luxury hotels, tourism boards, travel companies and any companies who are into travel and tourism industry. Following are some of the benefits you receive on submitting your nomination at international travel awards 2020.

Creates Greater Awareness : When your brand wins or is nominated, you are going to receive publicity. You can become popular even before the event takes place through email, print, and social media. On the night of the ceremony, you will be declared as one of the leaders in the field.

Offers Valuable Exposure : Malaysia Tourism Awards can serve as additional exposure for your company. As a matter of fact, this can be a good way to put the business in front of several noteworthy and influential people who can be the players of the industry. Standing out through the awards will bring in additional benefits.

Provides Publicity Opportunities : You can use this for your PR. The awards branding can be used for your website and also for your marketing materials. All of these will help in building awareness and trust with the target audience.

Helps Impress Stakeholders and Investors : Employees within the tourism business tend to do a lot of things that can go under the radar. Most of these achievements are important to make sure that the business is growing and the stakeholders and investors are happy with the company. When you enter the Malaysia Tourism Award and highlight the great work that your business does, it will impress the investors and will help in attracting more in time to come.

Enhances Customer Retention : Winning a tourism award shoes to the customers that the hotel, restaurant, or any travel and tourism business is at the top. This will reinforce the reason to avail the services you offer. It will also help in developing brand loyalty. This is because customers tend to stick to a businesses that are doing well in their own sector.

Great fun opportunities come when you attend the event. You never know how you are going to benefit from it. Malaysia Tourism Award is an excellent move for the tourism industry. This can have a significant positive effect. It is initiatives like this that helps in driving the industry forward.

We can expect that more categories of the award will be included in this initiative to recognize the achievement of various tourism and travel industry business.

Nomination forms are made available to the all the travel and tourism company around the world. The nomination procedure is 100% online. We do not accept any off line nomination for this International luxury hotel awards program. A company or an individual can be nominated for this award. The winners are going to be chosen by the number of votes the receive, a panel of judges on the basis of strong operational knowledge and several years of experience.

The selection process of this world level travel and tourism awards involves various steps such as, First the nominees submit their nomination. Our first level jury reviews the nomination and assess the winning chance for the companies. If the company scores above 65% of the winning chance then we encourage them to pay minimal nomination and marketing fee.

Upon successful nomination fee, the nominees receives ample of marketing benefits such as voting banners including email signatures, logos, badges & etc. Using the marketing materials, the nominees can start their voting. Every company is offered usually 45 days of voting period to receive voting period from their travel trades and customers.

Once the voting is completed, Our final jury team reviews the application of the nominees based on the number of voting. Our jury team do comprehensive research on the nominee’s product quality and service delivery such as traveller reviews from various sites, collecting feedback from their customers & etc. This process may take about 2 to 3 months and it will be started once the voting period is completed.

Once the analysis is completed, The jury team announce the winners for the gala ceremony. The gala ceremony is scheduled during 27-Nov-2020 (Saturday). All the winners will be honored during the gala ceremony. This is a golden opportunity for the winners to receive their golden colour trophy, certificate, Winner medals and etc.

International Luxury Hotel Awards 2020 Program

Any company that performs the best in the tourism industry is going to be rewarded. Tour operators, hotels, resorts, and Airlines, everyone has the opportunity to participate in this award. When it comes to the luxury Hotel Awards, the best luxury hotel that provides travellers with the best comfort and facility is recognized. However Only 5 star, 5 star deluxe and luxury hotels can participate in luxury hotel awards 2020 which is one of the category in International Travel Awards.

The jury members and number of voting suggest the nominee for the best luxury hotel award category and other awards. The winner of world hotel awards and world of travel awards category is chosen by a panel of judges who has robust knowledge about the hotel industry / hospitality industry and is experienced in the tourism industry. By winning or at least entering this international travel award will show that the hotel is capable of providing its guests with the best service and facilities. It serves as an endorsement. The hotel will be listed on the website as the award-winning website.

World Tourism Industry Awards 2020 Benefits

No matter the size of your tourism business, you can be a nominee of this award if you are a member. When recognized with this award, it will serve as an inexpensive means to secure the credibility of the service that you are offering. All that you have to do is submit your nomination on time.

Let’s take a look at how the awards can help you with branding and marketing the business.

Free Marketing : The award is often overlooked as a tool to market your business. Simply being shortlisted for tourism industry awards 2020 can enhance your brand awareness and also promote the business to prospective customers. All that you have to do is optimize exposure and PR and keep the marketing materials updated. The award is for celebrating the hard work that you have put in. When you and your business are recognized people will have an idea about what the business has achieved. It can also open the door to new contracts and securing new supply channels. This, in turn, will give your tourism business a break into a new market.

Proven Credibility to Clients : Everyone is looking for validation. Being awarded can serve as credibility to the clients.

Branding through travel industry awards 2020 can have several benefits for your hotel.

The primary purpose of branding is to make sure that the customers return to the business and also recommend it to other people. This unconventional branding will set your tourism business apart. Thus, it can boost customer loyalty.

Proper branding through an award like this will enable you to attract more customers because it increases the reputation of your business. It adds great value and can set up the business for long term. Also, you will not have to spend a large amount of money to rebrand your business. Customers will learn about you from the award that you have won.