Winner Package Terms and Conditions

Winner Package Terms and Conditions


Thank you for choosing our Award program, our company Golden Tree Events Organizing & Managing (“Golden Tree” “we”, “us”, “our”). These Winner Package Terms and Conditions (“Agreement”) are an integral part of the Terms. This Agreement is between us and you, the users (“user” “you” “your”) who access and use our services through our website, media form, media channel, mobile website, and related, linked, or otherwise connected thereto (“hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Platform”). Please do not order the Winner Package prior to reading these Terms.


You shall not take photos or screenshots from our Platform and utilize/ publish the same on your social media handles and other websites unless specifically permitted by us in writing. 

By participating in our Award program or collecting votes from your clients, you do not have any rights to use our award name, logo, website content, or any screenshots from our materials unless permitted specifically in writing by us.

Doing so shall be considered a violation of Golden Tree’s Intellectual Property Rights. Golden Tree retains the right to take action in the event that we discover violations under this Section and cancel your Winner title.


3.1 In the event you have opted for our free plan(s) and are declared a winner by Golden Tree, you are obliged to order any winner package offerings available on our Platform or as may be conveyed to you otherwise. 

3.2 In the event you have opted for our free plan(s) and are declared a winner by Golden Tree, you are obliged to order any winner package offerings available on our Platform or as may be conveyed to you otherwise. In the event that you do not buy any winner package within 10 days from the Internal winner announcement then We reserve the right to cancel the winning title & assign the title to the next standing nominee. In such cases, You are liable to pay USD 499 towards the service charge of the nomination process ( such as Nomination Account Creation & Maintenance, Voting badge & banner Design, Exclusive voting page design & hosting on our website, Jury & Management evaluation process, Votes analysis and processing) within 10days. This service fee does not include RIGHTS to use Award logo, award name, winning title, listing on award website, nominee badge & etc. 


4.1 In the event that you are declared a Winner by us, and you do not purchase any Winner Package, you shall not be eligible for a complimentary nomination for the subsequent year as specified in our Terms and Conditions. This section applies to including, without limits, your business group, affiliates, partners, individuals who are working with your company, and other entities that may have nexus with you. If you wish to participate in the subsequent years, you shall be required to purchase a paid nomination plan.


5.1 Golden Tree reserves the rights to list/delist/remove any Winners from the Platform irrespective of the Winner Package ordered. This may occur due to a material violation of our Terms or due to other reasons at our discretion if we discover you to be in violation of our Terms otherwise, whether directly or indirectly.


6.1 Upon purchasing the Winner Package, The Winner receives the rights to use the Award program name, logo, Badge, Certificate, and winner announcement in their promotional materials such as website, social media, email campaigns and etc.,

6.2 The Winner does not have any rights to use Golden Tree’s partners’ or other participants' details directly or indirectly, including but not limited to brand name, logo, any form of screenshots, photos, video and etc.

6.3 The Winner does not have any rights to recreate /modify any materials owned/created by Golden Tree or their affiliates, such as the winner badge, logo, winner certificate, etc.

6.4 The Winner does not have any rights to claim Golden Tree or organizer’s partner towards such as but not limited to any sales, website visits, lead generations, website &, etc.


7.1 Golden Tree reserves the rights to use the Winner's limited intellectual property, including logo, company name, winner speech video on Golden Tree or Golden Tree’s partnered promotional/ marketing related services such as website, brochure, print advertisements, digital advertisement, social media advertisement and etc.,

7.2 In the event Golden Tree missed out on any services to offer in the Winner Package inclusions as specified in writing, The Winner shall send an email to Golden Tree at notifying us of the same. In such cases, Golden Tree will fulfil the missed-out services at the earliest. (Estimate: Digital Materials: 3 to 4 Weeks, Any Physical Item: 6 Weeks to 8 Weeks.).

7.3 Golden Tree reserves the right to change Winner Package details, including but not limited to service inclusion, offer validity, discount, price and etc., without prior notice. We request you to confirm the Winner Package details before making payment to confirm the order.

7.4 Golden Tree reserves the right to cancel the award-winning title and revoke the rights to use the award name, logo, and brand name in case the Winner violates any of the award or Golden Tree’s Terms.


8.1 100% payment along with a completed Winner Package order form is required to order the Winner Package. After payment is made for the Winner Package, the Winner shall send the completed Winner Package order form with their official seal and signature to to initiate the order.

8.2 The Winner Package order confirmation is subject to the availability of our services and physical items such as trophies, plaques, and medals. In case of service unavailability after the payment, we shall refund pro rata amounts paid by you. For instance, if part of the Winner Package is unavailable, we shall solely refund amounts with respect to the missing items and not the entire Winner Package.

8.3 Email or WhatsApp, or verbal confirmation without payment and completed order form will not be considered an order confirmation.


9.1 In case of any damage to any trophies, plaques, medals, or any physical material during the shipping, Golden Tree will replace the material(s) one time without additional cost. The Winner must return the damaged materials back to Golden tree with 7 days from the receipt of winner material to initiate the new order.  The Winner may request us for a return shipping address by contacting us at  for returning the damaged materials.


10.1 The information mentioned in the Winner Package  on our Platform, including but not limited to email recipients, audience target, audience profile, physical & digital item delivery schedule &, etc., is on an estimated basis and not actual. All Winner Package inclusions are solely an estimate/ approximation. We strive to be in line with the Winner Package inclusions, however the Winner Package inclusions may vary. For instance, if the Winner Package may specify a certain number of emails to be sent by us, we cannot and do not guarantee that the exact number of emails shall be sent by us and we disclaim all liabilities in this regard through this reference. We shall not be obliged to provide you with any sample data, customer data, user data, history, data source, etc.,


11.1 Golden Tree shall post solely one (1) post for the Winner on the Platform and other platforms in the discretion of Golden Tree, as per the posting schedule provided by Golden Tree herein. All the social media postings/ promotions are on a daily /weekly scheduled basis after the winner's announcement date. The Winner's company/entity details will be posted within three months from the winner announcement date. We shall not be liable to provide any other related services to the Winners.
11.2 Any listing services, including without limitations, award portal or magazine &, etc., are restricted only to listing your company details. We do not guarantee to generate any leads/bookings/business.
11.3 Golden Tree does not offer a guarantee on direct or indirect sales, lead generation, or any business income or similar from any digital-related services such as listing your company, featuring or PR submissions, or email marketing.
11.4 Social media posts are on a scheduled basis, and it may take from 1 month to 3 months for posts to be ready for upload to the Platform. Please check with our team for more accurate information on the delivery schedule before confirming your order. The above schedule does not include the shipping duration or any delay in the shipping due to any reasons.


12.1 The photos of the trophies, plaques, and medals mentioned in the website or proposal are for the purpose of graphical representation, and there might be a slight difference in the real material /item with respect to their colour, size, and other factors constituting the Winner Package. We shall not be liable for anything in the event that the materials displayed on the Platform are not in total conformity with the Winner Package materials.


13.1 The Winner Package cost is non-refundable once paid. All sales are final and not cancellable once shipped.
13.2 Any costs incurred by you which may be generally classified as personal expenses which may be including without limits, cost for travel to any events hosted by us, accommodation costs at hotels, stays etc., food, and other similar costs incurred by you shall not under any circumstances be the responsibility of Golden Tree (“Personal Expenses”). We shall not be liable to refund, reimburse or pay to you any such Personal Expenses incurred by you.
13.3 If you have incurred any other expenses such as including without limits, marketing costs, and other such costs connected or incurred in relation to our services and products or otherwise, such expenses are made at your own volition and shall not under any circumstances be the responsibility of Golden Tree. You shall not have any right to such refunds or claims for such costs incurred by you from Golden Tree.


We will not be liable in any case for any failure or delay in the performance of our obligations at any of the events hosted by us for any reason hereunder if such failure results from including without limits: (a) any cause beyond our reasonable control, including but not limited to, human errors, mechanical, electronic or communications failure or degradation, (b) any failure by a third-party hosting provider or utility provider, (c) strikes, shortages, riots, fires, acts of God, war, terrorism, and governmental action.


15.1 Due to circumstances beyond the control of Golden Tree or due to unavailability, we may cancel or modify the Winner Package contents and services. Golden Tree reserves the right to cancel/modify the Winner Package order completely or partially. In such cases, we will offer an alternative service or refund for the not fulfilled service. The refund amount limit is restricted to the maximum of the winner package order cost paid by the winner. In case of a full refund, the winner shall return/ stop the usage of all their Winner Package items to Golden Tree to initiate the refund process.


16.1 The Winner is required to send the duly completed order form to initiate the order delivery. Golden Tree solely reserves the right to initiate the order delivery after the successful payment without a completed order form to speed up the delivery process.


You shall be responsible for the provision of any designs for our digital winner magazine, social media banners, and other materials as may be requested from us from time to time for the effective provision of our services and products. In the event that you fail to provide any materials requested by Golden Tree for providing you our services and products within reasonable time as may be specified by us, you shall have hereby through this reference be deemed to have waived your right to such services and products. For instance, if designs are required for making the digital winner magazine, and you fail to provide us the materials requested by us, you shall have waived your right to receive a digital winner magazine from Golden Tree. If any services or products may be provided partially or in incomplete form, it shall be at the sole discretion of Golden Tree to provide such products or services.


18.1 You may be offered complimentary tickets to our gala events by Golden Tree subject to availability and on a first come first serve basis post payment of any dues and amounts towards the winner package conveyed to you by Golden Tree.
18.2 These tickets are solely offered in our sole discretion to facilitate you to network with other winners at the event and avail our offerings, whether paid or complimentary. You may utilize the complimentary ticket to take photographs at the event on your own. We are not responsible for the provision of any photography services to you but may choose to do so in our sole discretion or in line with our winner package terms.
18.3 In the event of non-availability of gala tickets, we shall ship all materials to which you may be entitled to and you shall not be charged any shipping fee in such case. Notwithstanding the foregoing, In the event that any charges applicable such as local shipping handling charges or any charges by the local shipping company, import tax/duty tax / local govt tax/similar tax as per the law in the receiving /destination country, you shall be responsible for the payment of such charges.
18.4 The complimentary gala entry passes are inclusive of photo session, winner announcement on stage, food and beverage and no other services.
18.5 All complimentary items are not subject to any refunds, claims, damages, etc, by you. We provide all complimentary services and products at our sole discretion and subject to availability.
18.6 We reserve the right to change the allocation of complimentary passes to our events and may charge for the same in our sole discretion in accordance with availability of the same and otherwise.
18.7 We do not warrant or guarantee any services to which you may entitled to and the same are provided on an “as is” “as available” basis in line with our Awards Terms of Service. We do not guarantee any promotional activities reach based on targeted audience based on location, age, behaviour, gender, designation, or any metrics related to target customer for all our promotional activities including but not limited to website traffic, email marketing, social media advertisement, google search traffic, press release submissions, offline activities, social media marketing, YouTube advertisement and etc.


Golden Tree reserves the right to change the venue, or dates of any of our events to which you may be entitled to attend. You will be provided reasonable prior notice for any such changes to contact details provided to us at the time of your account registration. Any such communication shall qualify as a legal notice and shall function fully to the same extent.


20.1 The winner package price is not inclusive of shipping fee. Incase Golden Tree charges shipping fee additional to the winner package cost then, Golden Tree is responsible for paying only the shipping fee for any physical items. The Winner is responsible for paying any local shipping handling charges or any charges by the local shipping company, import tax/duty tax / local govt tax/similar tax as per the law in the receiving /destination country.


Any Freebies or bonuses or complimentary services in the Winner Package or complimentary services offered by Golden Tree cannot be encashed or refunded, and we reserve the right to withdraw our offer(s) at any time without prior notice.


22.1 In case of a delay in sending the completed order form after the payment, there may be delays in the delivery timeline.11
22.2 The estimated delivery of the Winner Package is as mentioned on the Platform, all the schedule starts upon receiving full payment with the completed order form.


You may get in touch with us through our Platform or the address given below: Golden Tree Events Organizing & Managing, Al Arabia 4U Business centre, Al Saaha C Sing, Downtown, Dubai, UAE