Schedule 2022

Region Name Nomination Close Voting Final Jury Review Winner Announcement
Europe 31-May-22 16-May to 25-Jun-22 01-Jun to 30-Jun-22 04-Jul-22
Africas 30-Jun-22 01-Jun to 30-Jun-22 15-Jun to 05-Jul-22 11-Jul-22
Middle East 30-Jul-22 01-Jun to 30-Jul-22 01-Jul to 31-Jul-22 08-Aug-22
Asia 30-Jun-22 01-Jun to 10-Jul-22 01-Jul to 15-Jul-22 25-Jul-22
Americas 30-Jun-22 01-Jun to 10-Jul-22 15-Jun to 10-Jul-22 27-Jul-22
Oceania 20-Aug-22 20-Aug to 10-Sep-22 01-Sep to 15-Sep-22 20-Sep-22
* the above schedule is subject to change without prior notice *

Year 2022 Nominations are about to close !!!

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