• Location : MILANO, ITALY

  • Employee Size : 13


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Company Profile

Designation General Manager
Contact Person Emanuele Nasti
Employee Size 13
Company Address Via Sibari 15
Country Italy
City Milano
Businees Year 30
Website www.htmsinternational.com

Company Overview

Since 1988, HTMS International has been the General Sales Agent (GSA) dedicated to the travel, hospitality and the aviation industries. The premise of HTMS has been to expand the resources of companies who were in need of sales expertise and strategic support on a local or international basis.

HTMS has been, for a long period of time the reference point for independent hotels, hotel chains, destinations and airlines that desire to improve their performance and penetrate new markets whether in specific segments or niche markets.

The General Sales Agent activity conducted by HTMS allows tourism operators to enhance their competitiveness and the efficiency of their sales, and, simultaneously, optimize their costs.

HTMS has introduced and developed new and sophisticated formulas of representation, relationship building and “Buyers Management”. The most innovative one is certainly the “Beyond Sales Program®”, based on a wide and unique mix of data base management, sales calls, fair attendance, trade events, road shows, workshops, hosted buyers programs, fam-trips, joint sales & marketing campaigns, communication and post-sales actions, training academy.

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