1. The ”property” is referred to hotels, private villas, Resorts, and any kinds of paid accommodations/ Stay types.
  2. “International Travel Awards (organized by KS Aadhavan Enterprises LLP)” or “Award Program” is referred to Award Program owned & managed by KS Aadhavan Enterprises LLP.
  3. “Company” is referred to the Travel agent or hotel or travel company or any company who plays a role of Nominee / Participant / Visitor / anyone who deals with KS Aadhavan Enterprises LLP for the awards program.
  4. “Organizer” is referred to KS Aadhavan Enterprises LLP,coimbatore-India. All the Mailers, written communications should be delivered to our Coimbatore office only
  5. “Website” is referred to internationaltravelawards.org
  6. The word “Material” is referred to such as but not limited to information about company, Logo, photos, any images & etc.


  • ONLY PAID nominees can use (India) Travel Awards Name, Logo, Website & other related materials on their Website, Brochure, Marketing materials & etc.
  • KS Aadhavan Enterprises LLP may claim upto USD 10,000 or Rs.7,50,000 if we found any unpaid nominee uses Award Name, Certificate, Logo & etc as per our copy right terms and conditions.
  • Unpaid Nominees should remove India Travel Awards, Logo & etc immediately from your website without any delay.

Disclaimer of Warranty of website or award program :

Although we work very hard to provide you with the most current and accurate information on our Site, we can’t and don’t warrant that everything you see on this Site is up-to-date, error-free or complete. While we may periodically add, modify or delete any of the information on this Site, we don’t make any commitment or assume any obligation or duty to do so, and you should assume that the information is current and up-to-date only as of the date it is posted to this Site. Neither we nor any of our consultants for this Site will be liable for any direct, incidental, consequential or punitive damages arising out of your access to or use of this Site. Everything on this Site is provided to you “AS IS,” WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, OR NONINFRINGEMENT.

  • International Travel Award program / event / ceremony and all other award related activities are 100% owned /managed /organized by KS Aadhavan Enterprises LLP and not related to any state or central government or Travel ministry in India. The goal of International Travel Awards (organized by KS Aadhavan Enterprises LLP) is to find & Reward the excellent performers in Indian Travel Industry and help them to promote their Travel business.
  • The company reads clearly and agrees terms and conditions mentioned at https://internationaltravelawards.org before nominating or paying nomination fee or any other activities related to award program. We reserve the rights to change the terms and conditions mentioned here without prior notice and request you to refer the updated terms and conditions at our website.
  • We encourage you to know more about the organizer, Program schedule, Award Procedure & other details at our website internationaltravelawards.org
  • The Company agrees to provide 100% accurate information during the nomination or anytime when we collects the data about company performance, results, previous year achievements & etc..,
  • During the voting period, if company is caught using a bot to vote or using email addresses that are Invalid, KS Aadhavan Enterprises LLP will reserve the right to disqualify and terminate the nomination / Participation.
  • All voting results are kept confidential and will not be shared with any participants. The company does have a rights to claim any of the other company’s voting statistics & other data.
  • Mere filing Nomination form and paying nomination fee is the basic requirements and the above not constitute guarantee Awards / winning. There are various factors involved in selection of winners such as but not limited to The public voting, our internal jury’s decisions, company’s performance and other various aspects alone results in the election of Award winning by KS Aadhavan Enterprises LLP.
  • Organizer reserves the rights to cancel the nomination if the nomination fee payment is delayed without an approval from KS Aadhavan Enterprises LLP.
  • The organizer reserves the rights to collect the nomination fee in any of the currencies irrespective the organizer’s bank currency and we do not hold responsibility on currency conversion or bank charges, transaction charges & etc..,
  • The company has to settle the nomination fee for proceeding to next stage. Incase of any Barter system, The Voucher can be used for any of our customers / clients or our internal KS Aadhavan Enterprises LLP Team.
  • Nomination fee can be paid via Bank Transfer or Credit Card or PayPal account. Cash is not acceptable.
  • For hotels, KS Aadhavan Enterprises LLP may request 3 nights all inclusive stay voucher for the hotel inspection by our team. Resort inspection is not mandatory for all hotels. But It will increase the chances of winning the awards.
  • Only winners will be invited for the Gala ceremony program and Nominees / Participants can attend ceremony by paying entry ticket at additional cost. The organizer reserves the rights to restrict the admission to participants for the award gala ceremony.
  • The organizer solely reserves the rights to change anything in award program such as but not limited to categories, sub categories, nomination fee, award logo change, award program name change, award schedule, venue & other changes without prior notice to any companies.
  • When a company re-registers from one year to another, existing images and descriptions of the property will be used unless we receive the updated version within seven days from entry date.
  • Authorized company representatives who submit entries will be our primary point of contact unless we are otherwise notified. We have rights to contact them at any point of time for any of the Organizer’s award program.
  • Should there be any information changes on the side of the participating company, this should be emailed to your designated consultant to update the company profile. Should any information changes (e.g. Contacts, name changes, category changes) not be communicated with the International Travel Awards (organized by KS Aadhavan Enterprises LLP) (KS AADHAVAN ENTERPRISES LLP), KS Aadhavan Enterprises LLP will not be held responsible for outdated information of profiles.
  • International Travel Awards (organized by KS Aadhavan Enterprises LLP) (KS AADHAVAN ENTERPRISES LLP) retain the right to disqualify any entries.
  • We will use images and information that you send /submit to KS Aadhavan Enterprises LLP for any purpose, it will not be subject to confidential treatment and may be disclosed by KS Aadhavan Enterprises LLP without further consent from participating company.
  • Most of our company filtering /evaluating nominees are computerized, hence we can not guarantee for any accuracy of the information verified, We do not hold any responsibility if our system / team approves the wrong participants due to lack of our technical /process / system. Such cases the the approval stage will be ignored.
  • Duplication entries are not allowed, If you are nominating multiple times, Its your responsibility to remove the duplicate entries, We reserves the rights to disqualify or qualify all the nominations to next stage. But if multiple nominations for a single company is qualified by our system and it will be considered to be only one company participation irrespective of multiple nominee payments for same company / group.
  • The company agrees to use the banner and logos provided by us time to time and change it immediately incase of any change notification by the Organizer by Email / Website / any other communication.
  • The once-off annual registration fee varies based on the category of the hotels such as 3 Star, 4 Star, 5 Star Hotels, Tour operators & etc.., the detailed price will be mentioned in the invoice
  • All nominations are self-nomination basis and own interest by the company. The organizer selects the company in Travel industry as per our selection criteria and invites them to nominate. But the company agrees to read all the terms and conditions before nominating their company for award program.
  • Although KS Aadhavan Enterprises LLP work very hard to provide you with the most current and accurate information on our website, errors or bugs to be excused.
  • All operational, marketing, sales & other activities are handled from our Coimbatore-International office. Rest of our other office in all locations is representations purpose only. All the Mailers, written communications should be delivered to our Coimbatore office only. If any letters sent to our other offices will not be considered due to our business operational reasons.
  • Any and All payments once made are not refundable for any reasons. No claims or damages to be made towards the payment or award related programs.
  • At any cases, You are not allowed to communicate with our partners or customers such as but not limited to clients, participants, visitors without our written permission from KS Aadhavan enterprises LLP. Incase if we come across any instances like you are interacting with our partners without any written permission then we reservers the rights to cancel the award and claim the damage of GBP 1 Million towards the damage of spoiling our brand name. You agree that we do not need to prove any damages and only the proof of communication is sufficient to claim the damage by the company.
  • Nominating more categories will increase the chances of winning award but only maximum of 2 winning category per company is applicable and there is no refund is applicable for the non-winning categories.
  • The organiser reservers the rights disclose the information about any members who are related to the awards such as but not limited to competitor, participants, Jury & etc. We do not disclose any of the above mentioned details to anyone.
  • No cancellations will be accepted once entries have been successfully submitted. KS Aadhavan Enterprises LLP will use all the details submitted by the company for future references.
  • By nominating your company, the company agrees to participate officially in the International Travel Awards (organized by KS Aadhavan Enterprises LLP) for one year and you agree to use your company’s material such as but not limited to logo, images, photos and other associated materials for all the award program related activities organized by KS Aadhavan Enterprises LLP for life time.
  • In case of any dispute, all legal matters are to be settled under Coimbatore – International jurisdiction only.
  • Any wrong negative post in any social media or others, shall results in Claim or Damage suit by the KS AADHAVAN ENTERPRISES LLP against the person done such acts. Claims or Damages of any nature and aspects against the KS Aadhavan Enterprises LLP Award Ceremony cannot be instituted as all obligation of the KS Aadhavan Enterprises LLP concerns is accepted without any condition by the participants of the other part.
  • Online materials such as but not limited to Photos, Partner Logos, Partner name & company Name, Testimonial & etc are only for the representation purpose only and those are may not be directly related International Travel Awards (organized by KS Aadhavan Enterprises LLP) or not the actual show material. These media materials could be related to our sister / partner company product or other products organized by KS Aadhavan Enterprises LLP. We request you to go through these terms and conditions very often at our website indiaTravelawards.in to know the updated version of our terms.
  • KS Aadhavan Enterprises LLP reserves the rights to modify the terms and conditions, award product related details such as but not limited to program, logo, name & etc.., without prior notice.